Collaborations & Customs

QOS is always on the lookout for businesses, influencers, and other Queens who want to collaborate with us. See below for how to best get in touch!

Ways to Work with Us!

Business Collabs

For brands who want to give their product the Queen of Sparkles treatment, get in touch here.

Influencer Collabs

For influencers who think life's too short for boring clothes, get in touch here.

Custom Creations

For queens who want to see their custom design in sparkles, get in touch here.

(Minimum order quantity for custom orders is 50 units)

Are you a business that wants to see your product sparkle?

Business Collabs

Queen of Sparkles wants to work with you! Our collaborations span from licensed apparel to home goods, bringing our signature glitter and glam to Christmas stockings, tumblers, and more.


girl outside on a sunny day wearing a queen of sparkles' white sweatshirt set with colorful butterflies on it.

Are you an influencer who brings a sparkle to everything you touch?

Influencer Collabs

Queen of Sparkles is looking for creators who embody our mission to encourage women to be their most vibrant, unapologetic selves. If you’re a US based creator with a passion for sparkles, we’d love to hear from you!

Submit an application below and let’s get sparkling together ✨

Custom Creations

About Custom Creations

Are you a QOS fanatic who wants to see your specialty design in sparkles? You’ve come to the right place!

Our minimum order quantity for custom designs is 50 units.