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For our Spring 2024 Queen of the Classroom collection we're featuring real-life Queens of the Classroom— school teachers! 

Here's a Q&A with our model teachers. Our teachers shared all about their favorite QOS collections, why they love teaching in sparkles, and more! 

Maritza Mitchell, Food Science Teacher at St. Amant High School 

Maritza is known as St. Amant High's very own Queen of Sparkles by students and faculty alike. Students pop by her classroom daily to see what new Queen of Sparkles top she's wearing and the yearbook class has documented her personal collection with its own spread! Maritza has started a local QOS borrow club for fellow teachers to swap and share Queen of Sparkles pieces.  

  1. What do you like most about wearing Queen of Sparkles? Whether I'm at school or the grocery store, when I walk in a room, people stop what they're doing to get a double take and to just admire! They also make such great conversation starters, I mean, every piece is a work of art! Even just walking in my closet can brighten my mood because it's a sea of bright colors and sparkles!
  2. What's your favorite QOS collection? My favorite collection is "This Queen Ate" especially with teaching a cooking class. You can bet your bottom dollar I wear a food themed Queen top whenever I can!
Maritza wears the Dark Green Queen of the Classroom tee. Available for pre-order here! 


Kylie Altier, 1st Grade Teacher at McKinley Elementary School 

Kylie is the 2024 Teacher of the Year for the state of Louisiana! She's been in the classroom for 11 years and loves how Queen of Sparkles pieces serve as an immediate conversation starter. Kylie also works with parents to teach their children how to read. You can learn more about it at

  1. How do you feel when you're wearing Queen of Sparkles? When wearing Queen of Sparkles I feel like I am shining a little brighter in the room. As a mommy of little ones and a teacher, I can often forget about myself as I put most of my energy on the perfect children in my life. I started dressing in fun, loud clothes just to make them smile, but I learned along the way it made me smile, too. The funny thing is, the more I remember to take care of myself, the cycle of happiness just amplifies.
  2. What do your students have to say about your QOS pieces? My students instantly smile when I walk in wearing Queen of Sparkles! Mostly, they ask if they can touch the sparkles, but after the mystery of the magical fabric wears off, they say I look fun!
Kylie wears the White Color Palette Tee
Brandi Mathis, 7th Grade Science Teacher at St. Aloysius School
Brandi has been a teacher for 18 years! Her students voted to nominate her for our modeling contest, loving that she wears "such fancy clothes" every day in the classroom. 
  1. What is your favorite QOS piece and why?  My favorite piece has to be the butterfly dress. The fit is amazing! 
  2. Tell us about your favorite QOS collection. What do you like most about it?  The LSU collection is probably my favorite since we tailgate. The pieces are always a hit. 

Brandi wears the White School Supplies Tee.

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